Interview with Joe Coach!

This is the interview article of SOLTILO’s coaches.
We hope everyone can understand our coach’s thoughts and feel close to them.

Second time for Joe Coach!
He had a experience to play in U19 Thailand national team and Thai premier league, after retirement, he worked at Lampang FC’s academy as a head coach. And then, he has been working at SOLTILO as a coach.

【I kept practicing until I got selected in national youth team. Although it was a short period of time, I was very proud of it.】

「What is the characteristic of SOLTILO?」
The important thing that children will get football skill, in additional, living with others and respect for others people. We will cultivate good manner to be an adult for children through football learning. This will improve children through lessons. We aim the better development of football skill and Athletic spirit, dare to think and more passion. We have many fun practices with good quality that suitable for children and youth. So we truly believe that our students will be the good athlete and the good person in society.

「What is important thing, when you coaching to children?」
The most important thing in teaching football to children is to pass on good experiences about football to them and to get them enjoyed in playing football so that they will passionate to play football. Teaching football to children, a coach must be a role model for them and pass on knowledge and ability to them step by step to make them try to understand. A coach should always ask questions to children to check their comprehension and participation. Clarified details and teaching procedures are very important to children’s progress.

「When & how did you start playing football? (What inspired you to play football)」
I have played football since I was 7 years old. My inspiration was from when I was watching football with my father. It’s Manchester United’ match. There was a player who scored by freekick beautifully. That player was David Beckham. Since then, I thought I want to be like him. So, I practiced every day and followed up football more until I loved it and waned to be a professional player. One day, my school opened for school team player selection. I joined and got selected. When Thailand national team played, I always went to watch the match. I thought that if I got selected to be a national team player, it would be such a pride. I kept practicing until I got selected in national youth team. Although it was a short period of time, I was very proud of it.

「Why did you start coaching football for children?」
After passing football coaching license, I wanted to pass on my experience and develop children to increase their ability. Then, I decided to become a football coach to teach football to children. I love to play with children because of their fun. They have interesting imagine. I was so proud to watch them growing and having a better development. Teaching children makes me happy and proud. I want to develop and gain experience in coaching football at the same time.
What do you want to convey through coaching football?

「What do you want to convey through coaching football?」
I want children to have fun and participate in football class and let them join, meet new friends and practice football skills together. They should have spirit and help each other. Also, they should have sportsmanship, harmony and teamwork so that they can grow to be a good and quality person.
Is there anything you’d like to say for children?

「Is there anything you’d like to say for children?」
I would like to tell them that they should have fun with learning football and collect skills, techniques, and good experiences about football. They should be a good person, have sportsmanship and help people when having a chance.
Learning football is not only just about shooting but also about learning how to live with other people because football is like another society. I am happy if many children learn it with us, SOLTILO.


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