Interview with Coach Ball

This is the interview article of SOLTILO’s coaches.
We hope everyone can understand our coach’s thoughts and feel close to them.


【Player and Coach history】
Chonburi FC
Bangkok university
(currently Bangkok United)
Taweewattana FC. (T3)

after retiring from professional football coach ball has also joined Soltilo.


“How is SOLTILO different from other football schools?”
Soltilo is a Japanese style of soccer instruction. Supervised coaching by Japanese coaches. Systematic and disciplined playing of football


“What’s important when teaching football?”
I think the most important thing a player should have is attitude, determination and hard work. which is a factor in achieving the goal Not only football, but children can extend their use in other things.


“Tell us when and why you started football! ”
My father was my first coach in. He encouraged me to start playing football. where I started football since youth with the Chonburi FC team in 2001.


“Why did you decide to be a football coach?”
I have a passion for playing football and coaching, Seeing players develop and get better, it makes me happy.


“What do you want to communicate to children through football”
I want the children to be happy and have fun. with playing football want to see children Have determination and develop better potential continuously and success as a professional footballer.

“Is there anything you’d like to say for children?”
If you like football do it to the fullest to the best and do not be discouraged by obstacles


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